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Steve: I’d just like it to be recorded I was against the costume part.

Jeff: I wasn’t!

Steve: I’m also against the dancing.

Jeff: I invented this dance!

Steve: He wrote it down.

Jeff: I did!

Steve: He’s planning to present you with the early sketches.

Jeff: Come on, Steve, you know you want to!

Steve: This is a romantic moment, Jeff, your sudden death might kill the mood.



We lost Earl Ragnar, our favorite Beta fish & we were sure to give him a viking’s funeral as such a magnificent fish as he deserves. 

See you in Valhalla my friend. 
Sail, Ragnar. Sail. 

you set your little girl’s dead fish on fire in front of her eyes this is incredible

this is something i would do for my child. this is something i would do for me

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